Crazy clowns in the trees.

In early September I was walking around Fort Desoto not looking for anything in particular. Okay, I may have been looking for some particular bird but now I can’t even remember what it was. A flash of green flew by me and landed on a tree and some bushes right in front of me. These birds have 3 names.  They are Nanday parakeets or black hooded parakeets or Nanday concures according to Wikipedia.  They are not native to Florida but there are now large wild populations all over the Tampa Bay area. They are very loud so you can’t  miss them.  They have a big personality and did not mind me as I stood there for a while taking pictures of them eating and napping.  After about 15 minutes they all started screaming and took off across the park.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy clowns in the trees.

  1. How awesome! We lived in heidelberg a few years an there also live a colony of parakeets but I think a smaller version than this type. I was pretty shocked to see them, but they live in the wild completely happy.

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