Pretty faces on the boardwalk.

Above are both great egrets. The first one an adult and the 2nd is almost grown up.

The snowy egrets were strutting around and flirting.

A tricolored heron sitting on a nest.

Other tricolored herons were still strutting around.

The beautiful face of a male anhinga.

A catbird was posing for everyone while he was eating the berries.

Lots of pretty wild birds on the boardwalk at Gatorland. Nesting season was in full swing. Many great egret babies and many eggs from snowy egrets and tricolored egrets. This was mid April so most of the babies are grown up and gone by now.

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3 thoughts on “Pretty faces on the boardwalk.

  1. Great post again Dina, the young Anhinga, a face only a mother could love, LOL. I didn’t realise the place would have so much wild life, I just thought it was a show ground.
    Take care, Gordon.

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