All ducks matter

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The muscovy ducks at Crescent Lake Park near downtown St. Pete get a bad rap. Yes they are loud and messy but part of the problem is that people have been feeding them for years.  It’s fun to go for a walk at the lake and take an old bag of bread and watch the little kids get all excited, until, the ducks start attacking because they want more food. On Saturday mornings when I’m at the park, the ducks seem pretty quiet.  They may check me out for a few minutes to see if I’m going to feed them but usually leave me alone.  The geese are worse. They will attack if you get close and don’t have food for them. But hey, it’s a park where wild things live. If you don’t like the wild things, then move away from the lake or park.

3 thoughts on “All ducks matter

  1. I like muscoveys and agree that all ducks matter, I do admit (and have blogged before ) about my love/hate relationship with Canada Geese. When we lived at the Lake in Oregon, I loved seeing the goose families swim by and watching the sweet puffball babies as they grew…but in the late summer and fall you couldn’t help but step in goose poop every time you went for a walk around the area. (but that wasn’t why we moved … and I actually do miss them, so it was mostly love.).

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