Hanging out at the fishing pier.


Yes, I cut off his wings.  Who cares anyway, the sandwich tern has a fish.




The hybrid great egret/great blue heron has been hanging around the pier for a while now.


This guy was scurrying across the pier with his stolen bait fish. It wasn’t until I got home and cropped this up that I realized he has string wrapped around his leg.



This guy is just too pretty to be a laughing gull.


Fish under the pier.


The one that got away! The fisherman was bummed.

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5 thoughts on “Hanging out at the fishing pier.

  1. Wonderful birds, wonderful pictures. On my Feedly favorite list, the first sentence of each post shows up on the list. Must say i was a bit taken aback by this one at first ;>)… but you are right, who cares…..you caught the important part of the picture .. his eating lunch. The little shorebird with lunch as big as he is was great action too — sad about that string though. hate that.

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