“Don’t poke my eye out”

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More pictures from my stop at the bird rookery in north Tampa back in June. These are all great egrets. Most of the baby egrets were already grown up and almost as big as the adults. They were still being fed by their parents and most were probably flying soon after I took these pictures. The babies, even though they look fully grown, still have a little bit of fuzz on the top of their heads. They are very aggressive when the parents fly in to feed them. I feel bad for them having to regurgitate fish up to feed to the screaming kids who look like they are trying to attack them.

5 thoughts on ““Don’t poke my eye out”

  1. Exceptional egret pix. Certainly shows why their feathers were so desired for hats, etc. Before plastics. Protection efforts (and plastics) came in the nick of time to avoid their extinction in the Everglades and elsewhere. Old descriptions say the skies were once black w/ the huge flocks of birds in the Everglades.

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