Wood duck explosion at Lake Morton


A female wood duck with a snack.


A male wood duck watching over the lake.


A happy couple floating around.




This couple was hanging out under a tree near the edge of the lake. She wanted to nap and he was getting frisky.

There’s been an explosion of wood ducks at the lakes in downtown Lakeland. Lake Mirror had 3 families with babies and Lake Morton had at least 20 adult wood ducks hanging around. One of the cypress trees had 6 males sleeping up in the trees. Two or three years ago you would be lucky to find more than 3 or 4 at the lakes. I’m not sure why they started hanging out in the busy area, maybe for the handouts.

2 thoughts on “Wood duck explosion at Lake Morton

  1. I have aways love wood ducks. The red eyes, the green on the head….the colors are gorgeous. Yo are so lucky to have so many hanging out this year. Oh, how I miss my Florida. 55 years ago I married and moved away, but I still want to return. Hot or not….I loved it. Enjoyed your ducks. genie

  2. i’ve never seen a wood duck. Sob. I see the boxes for them here in Oregon and i know they are in Florida as well, but never luck out in either place. Your pictures are fantastic and i hope we get to visit Lake Morton again next season. I loved it!

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