Bubbles and a toothy grin

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I couldn’t help but take a lot of pictures of the alligators at Gatorland when I was there to see the wild birds nesting.  They were very active in the morning since mating season was starting.  They were all bellowing back and forth most of the morning. It has this haunting sound when several of them do it at the same time. They bellow from the stomach which causes the water over their backs to vibrate and make bubbles.  I kept thinking they were giving me that “Come on in lady, the water’s fine” smile.  I mean, look at that last picture and tell me he’s not smiling!

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2 thoughts on “Bubbles and a toothy grin

  1. Hello, cool shots of the gators. I like the toothy grin shots. Gatorland is a neat place to visit. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ooh, gators, Dina. Not your usual bird shots, but excellent photos. And yes, that last one is smiling, I’m sure, probably at the idea of you becoming lunch. 🙂
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