A walk after work


Sitting up on the bell tower, the osprey are nesting here again this season.


Mr “Yellow Big Feet” walking by.


The grackles get no respect but they are pretty when the sun shines on them.


So much for the “Squirrel Proof” feeder.


A tricolored heron was nesting close to the boardwalk. It looks like she has at least one egg.



This turtle was near the boardwalk and when I cropped up the picture at home, I noticed weird things coming out of his shell just over his head.  I wonder if that’s some sort of growth?


Another turtle close by.


Lots of soft shell turtles in the lake.



The usual alligators near the boardwalks.

The usual things at Carillon Park near my office. Soon it will feel to hot to walk around even after work. Although, it’s nice to miss the traffic.

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7 thoughts on “A walk after work

  1. Such a great park to have near your office. And hooray, all the snowbirds are gone (except us)… This time of year, we pretend that we’re natives and say how glad we are that there is less traffic. (We are really — it is a great time to go places and see things.) The birds and gators and turtles are all wonderful, although that one turtle looks like it has alien life forms inhabiting its home.

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