Cute and scary

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I caught the baby elephants hanging out by the water hole with one of the adults.  The adult pushed the baby out of the way so she could get a drink of water.


It’s rare to see a giraffe sitting down.


He’s suppose to be scary but looks like he’s giving me a silly grin.

Just a few fun things at the Lowry Park zoo recently.

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5 thoughts on “Cute and scary

  1. Hello, Dina! The baby elephants are adorable. The giraffe is cute too. Great capture of the grinning gator. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Must go there! Love the elephants. And you are right, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a giraffe sitting down. Including one we saw years ago at the San Diego Zoo that was hugely pregnant.

    The gator is smiling in welcome to little fishes and whatever else swims between those jaws!

  3. Can baby elephants swim ? I wonder. Will have to look it up. The alligator scares me, they even walk down the street around here in Palm Harbor near the water. Great shoot Dina…..:-)

  4. There’s a lot more “cute” than “scary” here! I love that baby elephant. I love seeing how the rest of the elephants all look after their young together. Even if the parents get a little rude with their younger ones! Thank you for sharing!

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