Winter babies in my neighborhood

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I was coming home from running errands in late December and saw the above as I was driving back into my neighborhood. Baby ducks eating bugs in the neighbor’s yard. I ran home and grabbed my camera and got the above. They are baby muscovy ducks. They must have been a few months old. There were 10 babies in all. A few days later I saw them in a small pond nearby so they were moving around. I guess this warm weather has produced a lot of winter babies.

4 thoughts on “Winter babies in my neighborhood

  1. They are adorable fluff balls…. Reminds me of our stay in Miami last season, we stayed in a little hotel in a strictly urban neighborhood and saw baby ducklings every time we walked out… I hadn’t expected that trip to be a birding opportunity. Your pictures are better than mine were because you are a better photographer of course, but also because your neighborhood is better kept than that one was.

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