Chesnut Park birds in November.


This guy has been hanging around this branch for a while now. Hoping for great blue herons this winter. Last year he built a nest but no luck with babies.


The usual Carolina wren.


Showing off.



What a cutie! The tufted titmouse was singing up a storm. Thanks to Vicki for the correct ID. I was writing this in a hurry and marked this as a gnatcatcher. Titmouse are common in this park. People feed them so they get close looking to see if you have some seed for them.


A grebe floating near the dock.



I saw this hawk right next to a picnic shelter. He had no intention of leaving just because I was there.



Not great lighting but I saw this very young bald eagle high up in a tree across the lake right as he was taking off.

The usual birds at Chesnut Park.

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  1. Very cool seeing the juvenile Bald Eagle. I think your Blue-gray Gnatcatcher is a Tufted Titmouse. I’m on the east coast of south Florida, and they are very uncommon here. Very jealous of you seeing one out in the open, and singing! Thanks for giving me virtual west coast visits.

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