Up and about


Young ones playing together.


Big yawn.


Say cheese!


Really big ones in shallow water.


Keeping an eye on me.


Any other alligator can be used as a flotation device.


Who me?  No, I didn’t eat beans today.


Gator snack.

I don’t go to Gatorland to take pictures of the alligators. I go to take pictures of the baby birds. But the alligators have a lot of personality when they are actually moving. They keep us entertained while the baby birds are napping waiting for Dad to bring home breakfast. The weather was cool and breezy in early April so the gators were up and about.

4 thoughts on “Up and about

  1. I like how sweet they are to each other (sometimes). A guide over at shark valley showed us a video he had made of their courtship ritual and it was amazingly tender. I tried to get him to put it on you tube but he said he wasn’t into that.

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