Fun at Fort Desoto in April

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Black and white warblers don’t sit still for a minute. They like to hang upside down on the tree and usually stay close to the trunk.




The one Ruby throated hummingbird I’ve seen so far this spring.



I think this is a female black and white warbler. The black is not as pronounced in the female as the male.


Another white eyed vireo. The most common bird at the park this spring.


Birds of a feather….


I caught Jim chimping. Making sure he got a good shot of that pigeon.

The park was packed in early April with birders coming to see the birds that had flown in for spring migration. It was nice of them all to stop over for a rest so we could all spend a full Saturday morning waiting for them to stand still for a second. It’s always fun running into people you see once a year and catch up with what’s been going on in the bird world.

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15 thoughts on “Fun at Fort Desoto in April

  1. Fantastic photo of a black and white warbler. My best one still looks like a smudge on a blackboard. Well done!

  2. I’ve always found birders to be so helpful and pleasant — I think we’re all sort of loners but friendly ones! Just wish I lived somewhere where I could see more of them (birds and birders) on a more regular basis!. Thanks for sharing your wonderful spring visitors.

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