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  1. Hi Dina,

    I have been enjoying your blog since I came across it in February. We spent Jan and Feb in Dunnellon but birded in all directions from there, including Circle B Bar and Lake Howard. We were supposed to be in Florida for just those two months, but based on the record cold temps at home in Ontario, we stayed an extra month. I enjoyed your photos from places we have been this year and in the past. I even recognized some of the spots in your pictures.

    We watched that blue heron chick at Circle B Bar on Feb 12th begging for food. We had such a great time that day we drove back early on Valentines Day and took the trolley ride, then walked more on our own. A highlight of that day was watching a GBH on the marsh trail devour a huge snake until there was no more room left in his belly and he then waddled along with the tail dripping about eight inches out of his beak.

    I do not fancy myself a photographer, but I do take lots of pictures, and learned quite a few new skills over the winter. I use a Lumix point-and-shoot with a good zoom, and am not looking to carry a cannon (i.e. huge lens) on our birding walks any time soon. There are lots of pros in the world. I just do it for fun.

    We spent about ten days in Cocoa and environs. Merritt Island was wonderful, Orlando Wetlands, Melbourne area and Viera. Saw several new birds that have eluded us in the past – scrub jay, red cockaded woodpecker, limpkin, willet, and saw lots of others (esp spoonbills) we were glad to see again.

    Thanks for your pictures during the winter. I look forward to your blog each time.

    Carol Wagg

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