No spring season for us.


I’m already seeing butterflies everywhere.


Bees too.


No spring for us. We went from “Sort of” winter straight to summer.


It was 82 degrees in early March.


Why can’t it stay sunny and 60 until June?


This osprey was diving deep for a fish.


He came up empty handed.


Instead of trying again, he flew off.


I went to get in my car and this guy was high up in a tree right over my car.


Far out in the water, the pelicans were hoping for a handout from this fisherman.

I only had two hours in early March to head out for a walk so I went to Philippe Park near my house. It was a quiet morning with almost zero birds. At least I got a good walk in. As I was walking around I realized it was time to put away the short sleeve tshirts and long khaki pants and drag out the shorts and tank tops.

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