What winter looks like in central Florida


Some plants looked dead. Some plants were still blooming. The weather is back and forth. Some days cloudy and cold (58 degrees) and some days sunny and warm (75 degrees). I never know whether I need a jacket or not. I think the plants are confused as well. These were all taken on a long walk on the nature trail at Honeymoon Island in late January. I went looking for eagles and owls. Both were sleeping all morning so I started taking pictures of the plants. I’m going to try to get back over there before the baby eagles leave the nest. They should be there for a few more months.

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8 thoughts on “What winter looks like in central Florida

  1. You make dead flowers into works of art! I’m ready for the weather to stay at the top range for a while — tired of cold mornings. Although I must admit it is lovely sleeping weather (for an old retired person who doesn’t have to obey the alarm clock).

  2. Here in central Texas it is fairly moderate weather, too. I am certain our northern neighbors would call our 40 and 50 degrees almost balmy after the weather they are having this week. Great shots.

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