Crazy ducks in downtown Lakeland

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Lake Mirror has some crazy ducks living there. They get so excited when someone walks towards them with a bag of bread. Look out or you’ll get run over. If you are standing close to them and not paying attention (meaning looking through your camera viewfinder at something else) they will bang on your shoe with their beak. I try to keep my distance because they can be very aggressive if you don’t have food.

8 thoughts on “Crazy ducks in downtown Lakeland

  1. Funny. Loved your shots. I walked my pups past a near pond (Lake Roberta)…and the ducks came after us for snacks. Didn’t care at all about the 90lb Rottweiler on the leash. (They didn’t have to worry about the Labrador…she’s afraid of ducks…and kittens…frightened to death of cats)

  2. I once took a three-year old granddaughter to feed ducks (back in Oregon) and we ran out of bread. Not an ideal way to introduce a child to loving wildlife. Big mistake! (Long time ago — she’s in college now, but I’m not sure how she feels about ducks!).

    My comment on your latest post seems to have disappeared into the ethernet, but just in case it shows up somehow, I won’t comment again — just as usual I loved those pictures too and am envious of the beautiful area in which you live and watch birds! Thanks for sharing.

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