Very few birds in late December


I stopped by to visit my buddy Big Red. When there are no other birds around you can always count on Big Red to be there.


Taking off to catch some fish.


Mullet up close. Some guys were on the beach catching mullet in a net. After 10 years of watching them jump out of the water in my backyard, this is the first time I’ve seen one up close.  Other than the smoked mullet that my husband likes to eat.


Sorry guy, but you’re going to end up on a cracker.


Eating a dropped chip on a picnic table.


Berries were all over the park.


Butterflies are still around.


As well as the yellow beach flowers.


Weird grass growing on the beach.


Two female ring billed ducks looking for some action.

Not many birds around at Fort Desoto park right before the holidays.

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5 thoughts on “Very few birds in late December

  1. Nice shots. I visited Fred Howard Park (Tarpon Springs) today. The weather was gorgeous. Had a few birds to follow around. Cheers – Mac

  2. Striking shots. I especially likr the weird grass growing on the beach, it’s beautiful. The shots of ducks are just fabulous. They look great on blue waters.

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