Looking high up – Skywatch Friday


The great blue heron couple are already on the nest. She must be on eggs since there is now always one of them sitting on the nest. This was early December so we should be able to see any babies by mid-January. Last year they had two babies but only one survived.


After a while, she stood up to stretch.


She’s either turning over the eggs or fixing that stick that was poking her.


I found an eagle preening himself high up in the tree.


Through the moss, he stayed there for a while and then flew off.


While I was watching the great blue heron nest, the eagle flew back with something in his talons.


He was heading for a nest with some padding.


Later I saw this bird flying high up. It’s not a red shoulder hawk or a cooper’s hawk. It looks like a northern harrier from my Stokes Birding guide. If so, it’s a first for me. Or he could be a merlin. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Another angle. He took off and this was the last shot I got.

Another beautiful morning at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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15 thoughts on “Looking high up – Skywatch Friday

  1. Your photos are so beautiful and such an inspiration. I can’t decide if they make me want to improve or just decide never to bother to take another bird picture but instead just come and look at your wonderful ones.

    Years ago, we used to visit a GB rookery near our home in Oregon (pre-camera) … it was always so amazing to see those big birds perched on those little branches (not to mention how the nest was balanced and built up every year.)

  2. What spectacular shots, Dinah. The heron on the nest is so clear and I love the following shots of the eagle – especially that it seems to be carrying nesting material. Certainly making sure their species carries on. Certainly a beautiful morning and I thank you for sharing. Greetings Jo

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