Still looking for that great cormorant with no luck.


A week later I was still looking for that great cormorant. Back at the boat ramp, I still only saw double crested cormorants.


Ring billed gulls had taken over the boat ramp.


They were all lined up.


Not many boats going out this morning so the pelicans were snoozing on the floating docks. It was a beautiful morning but windy and cool.




Two adults and a juvenile in between.


Little blue heron hanging around.


Several kayakers came up to the beach next to the boat ramp and they let their dog out to stretch his legs. He looked so cute in that life vest.

I still keep an eye out for that great cormorant although I don’t think anyone has spotted him recently. It was still a perfect morning out.

6 thoughts on “Still looking for that great cormorant with no luck.

  1. Great series, Dina! I love the pelicans and the flyby shot.. The doggie in the lifevest is cute.. Good luck on the Great Cormorant search. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. It is always a perfect morning out for me when we’re in Florida! But I don’t get such amazing pictures of it. Thanks for sharing. Have I already said Happy New Year? I hope it is a wonderful one for you!

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