Safety Harbor sunset – Skywatch Friday


I just missed the sun going down on the buildings in downtown Tampa. As I was crossing the Bayside Bridge after work, I could see the sun shining down and making the buildings across the bay look orange. By the time I got to the Safety Harbor fishing pier, I just missed it. The sun had gone down too low.


It was a cool, windy night. This guy fishing in his kayak was bundled up.


Birds heading home to sleep.


Pelican flying over the pier as it was getting dark.


A peaceful quiet night on the water.


Panorama taken with my phone from the parking lot.

I was meeting my husband for dinner near the Safety Harbor fishing pier and had a few minutes to spare. I stopped at the pier and took a few pictures but it getting dark quick. Most nights I’m driving home in the dark so it was nice to see a little daylight even for a few minutes.

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8 thoughts on “Safety Harbor sunset – Skywatch Friday

  1. Oh yeah, even though it is warmer in Florida it still gets dark way too early this time of year. (I used to hate November when I worked, cuz it was dark when I went to work and dark when I came home.) No excuse not to get outside now. Except it’s cold here in oregon. Better next month!!!

    We spent a lot of time in Tampa in recent years and there are some great spots there.

  2. I really liked your photos taken just before dark. It gets dark early and fast here too. From our house to your house we would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
    JM, Illinois

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