Hanging with the deer on a cool morning.


When I first drove into the park, the deer where there to greet me.


I got out of the car and watched them for a few minutes.


I stood quietly while they walked around and ate.


This guy let me get pretty close.


A black and white warbler taking off.


A bunny was sleeping near the boardwalk.


The king of the lake on his throne. It’s rare that I don’t see him sitting up there on a visit in the winter. All the way across the lake.

There were very few birds that I could get shots of in late October. There were many warblers there but they stayed high up in the trees. It was one of the first nice cool morning so the park was already packed with people by 8:30. Everyone was out – joggers, walkers, dog walkers, bikers, kids playing the playground, people decorating shelters for parties. I was home by lunchtime.

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