Things around the water


Even though you don’t see any spots now, this is a spotted sandpiper. During breeding season (summer) this guy has brown spots all over his stomach. Isn’t that sexy?!?


I think these are least sandpipers.


A wood stork watching the fishing boats go by.


A face only a mother could love. They look prehistoric.


Cormorants swimming by.


An oystercatcher trying to take a morning nap.


This is a regular couple at the north beach tip.


I’m not sure if I would want to stand in water waist deep fishing all morning. These guys didn’t seem to mind. At least they stayed cool.

Just a few critters around Fort Desoto Park on a recent trip.

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6 thoughts on “Things around the water

  1. Great shots of the birds. And I suddenly remember it’s been far too long since I went fishing.

  2. The Wood stork really does look prehistoric. That’s what I think when I see brown pelicans fly by in a group. The Oystercatchers are so cute.

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