Killing time with terns


At least one tern was paying attention.


Which one doesn’t belong? I think that one with the orange legs is a common tern.


“Make room for me!”


Great blue heron coming in for a landing.


Two sandwich terns and a common walk into a bar………..


Built in umbrella.


“Just me and my shadow.”


“I’m outta here.”


“What’s this lady doing?”

I usually check Fort Desoto’s facebook page before making plans to get up early and head down there. They usually post when the main park is going to be closed in the morning due to a marathon or triathlon. I didn’t see one but when I got down to the main entrance at 8:30, they had it blocked off. The girl there said they would open at 9:30. What to do for an hour? I didn’t feel like driving somewhere else so I went to the big boat ramp area which is before the main entrance. I parked and walked around and watched boats take off and just enjoyed the morning. There were tons of terns and gulls and I was watching them move from ramp to ramp as people were launching their boats. The hour went by fast and I headed over to the main park.


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