Roly Poly alligator


Oh look, an alligator close to the boardwalk. Of course, he’s not going to move. They never do for me.


Oh wait, I think he moved.


Maybe not.


He is moving! Looks like he’s rolling over in the water. Maybe trying to catch a fish.


He’s opening his mouth wide.


He straightened back up.


He swam off into the shade.

That was exciting. Other people get to see them walking across the trail or eating a turtle. I get to see him take a big gulp of water. Actually, it was the highlight of the morning at Lettuce Lake Park.

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6 thoughts on “Roly Poly alligator

  1. Love the title you gave this, Dina. I’m somewhat frightened of alligators, as we have none here in Canada, but for some reason I love to see bears in the wild.

  2. Interesting photos of the ‘gator, it’s so funny to see him do a roll. I guess if I were in Florida I would be afraid to get very close to brackish water.

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