Bored waiting for a flycatcher to show up.


Tiny butterfly at Fort Desoto.

Teeny tiny things flying around.

There were lots of weird looking plants.

Spiky plant.


Moth on a flower.

Up close.

These moths were everywhere.


I think these are sea grapes (although I wouldn’t eat them).


It’s weird to see how this tree trunk has grown.


Staring out towards the water.

It was an early morning on Saturday in late September. There had been a rare type of flycatcher seen at Fort Desoto Park a few days earlier. I knew it was a slim chance to find him still at the park but I figured it would still be a nice morning out either way. There were several other people also looking in the same wooded area for him. We stood around hoping he would eventually show up. I got bored waiting and started taking pictures of other stuff around me. After two hours of looking around for him, I headed out of the woods and up to the north beach area for a nice walk on the beach.

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11 thoughts on “Bored waiting for a flycatcher to show up.

  1. I love all your wonderful bird photos, but it’s fun to see your butterflies. The first one is so cute, I believe a Cassius Blue, and the next one is the Longtail Skipper, I think they are really cute too. Skippers have different eyes from all the other butterflies, so big and dark, and also have characteristic little hooks on the ends of their antennae. I love Skippers, they are the only butterfly in my yard that will let me get up close to photograph them. The tree is fantastic, it looks like a Escher drawing.

  2. Just goes to show you never know what you’re going to see when you get out there. The “sea grape” photo is actually the fruit of some palm. Sea grapes look like green chick peas in a grape like cluster. The amazing tree looks like a Strangler Fig with another Strangler Fig attached to it. There might have been a Cabbage Palm somewhere in that tree mass that got “strangled”, and is no more. I really enjoy the tree art the strangler figs provide.

  3. Sorry you got bored waiting for the elusive flycatcher, but you did end up with some wonderful images. My son loved a picture (not this good) that I put up once of a strangler fig. Something he’d never imagined I guess.,, only in Florida maybe

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