Fungus among us


Taken deep in the swamp, this looks like a flower mushroom.


These are mushroom boobs!


The new mushroom garden.


I’ve never seen this before. Some type of orange mushroom?


It almost looks like candy.

Growing out of an old tree stump.


Pink lichen growing on the tree.

Moss growing on a cypress tree root.

All alone.


Looks like an umbrella mushroom.

The recent rains have flooded everything. Chesnut Park was flooded in mid-September when I stopped there after 2 solid days of rain. Fungus things were popping up everywhere. Some were pretty, some looked creepy. I wonder if the birds or squirrels eat mushrooms. I didn’t see any while I was there. The nice thing was the boardwalks were really slimy and slippery so it kept the joggers and dog walkers off of them. The bad thing was there wasn’t a lot of birds around even without people running by.

Mandarin Orange MondayShine the Divine

5 thoughts on “Fungus among us

  1. A great selection.And I have never seen an orange mushroom before either….great to photograph- but maybe not to eat! Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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