Growing up muscovy


When I first got to Crescent Lake Park, I saw the muscovy babies hiding under a bench.


Later on, after my lap around the lake, I saw the family walking around.


The babies were sticking close to the parents.


Another adult came walking by and was causing trouble. It seemed like he didn’t want the family near his corner of the park.


The parents closed in on the babies.


They were yelling at the other muscovy duck to stay back.


They start off so cute. Look how pretty that yellow ring around his eye is. He is already starting to get the weird pattern near his beak.

Eventually the family moved on and kept walking around the park.

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12 thoughts on “Growing up muscovy

  1. HI Dina Interesting to see the ducks at this stage of their development. I have just arrived back after a 6 weeks holiday in Africa and have LOTS of photographs to edit and share (eventually)

  2. It’s so interesting to see birds or animals interact with one another, especially when there’s a ruckus. I suppose the laughing gull doesn’t eat anything dead. Great photos of both kinds of birds! It looks like a rewarding walk for sure!

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