Birds and bees at Chesnut Park


Some type of warbler. My first fall migration bird and I can’t tell what this is. I didn’t get a good shot of his back feathers. Any ideas?


Another view. This was the only tiny bird I saw that morning in early September.


A red shoulder hawk eyeing something in the grass.


A few butterflies are still around.


Anhinga posing for me.



Typical bee on flower.


I was driving home from the park and took the long way through a neighborhood near too far from my house to see if the eagles had come back for the winter. I had heard some of the eagles from other parks were already back. I looked over at a small pond and saw 4 kildeer in the grass. Of course I pulled over and took a couple of shots from the window. They seemed very skittish so I didn’t get out.

Shine the Divine

2 thoughts on “Birds and bees at Chesnut Park

  1. Beautiful photos. The warbler is cute, too bad you couldn’t get the back view for ID. The hawk has such interesting markings and feather colors. I like the twisty anhinga’s neck. I do get to see Kildeer here, they seem to be everywhere, such a cute shot.

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