The hottest walk of the year!


An anhinga drying off after a swim to catch fish.


Sad looking cardinal. I’m assuming he’s molting into adulthood.


I think this is a young least bittern. He was far out in the reeds and would not come close. I had heard they were there recently but this was my first sighting of them at this park.


The edge of the lake was full of dragonflies.


Really? I’m standing there sweating in 90 degree weather and a million % humidity to take pictures of grackles? That’s when I knew it was time to go home.


Even though, they are pretty in the sunlight.


Another green heron. I saw several that morning.


Even this pod is hot and crispy.


The butterfly was taking a break.


It was just too hot. After a 2 hour walk, I headed straight for the car and cranked up the AC. I wanted to get out and get a walk in on an early Sunday morning in late August before I had to head to the in-laws for lunch so I headed out to Chesnut Park. I drank so much water I felt bloated but still felt dizzy. I headed to the in-laws and jumped in their pool. I may have to hibernate until October. At least when it was raining most of the time in early August, it didn’t feel as hot out.

 Shine the Divine

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