Crazy ducks in downtown Lakeland


“Hey lady, can you turn out the light?” said the muscovy duck.


“I’m a happy duck.” said the some sort of mallard hybrid.


“Going for a swim.” said another mallard hybrid.


“I am not a mallard!” says the juvenile male wood duck.


“We are family.”


“I can swim.” says the American pekin duck.

“I can flap too.”


Hanging out with friends.


“Hey lady, what kind of brown duck is this?”


“This needs some hot sauce.” says the muscovy duck.


“For the hundredth time, I’m a goose, not a swan so go away.”


This mandarin duck couple looks sad. I’m not sure whether the males lose their bright feathers in the summer?


“Hey lady, get my good side.” says the shelduck.


“These bugs taste yummy.”

I walked around both lakes in downtown Lakeland, Lake Morton and Lake Mirror. All of the usual summer ducks were present but sadly, one of the shelducks has gone missing. A man who lives close by and feeds the ducks daily told me that he hasn’t seen the other one in a while. I didn’t see him while I was there. Sadly, now the shelduck is all alone.  Anyone want to take up a collection to buy another one for the lonely one at Lake Mirror? You can buy a pair for $275 on  It doesn’t say but maybe you could get a single one for half the price.

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8 thoughts on “Crazy ducks in downtown Lakeland

  1. Dina, lovely series on the various ducks!! My favorite are the wood ducks.. Wonderful photos. Thank for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures and amusing captions as always. Your birds have such great personalities ;>)! And its a perfect post for the title of your blog — CITY wildlife at its best. I loved Lakeland and will definitely go back there next season (even if it’s a little further away from home for us).

    Thanks for the Florida fix. I’m way behind on reading blogs but have saved all yours on Feedly for when we get back to reality (off the road).

  3. Such wonderful duck shots! So many varieties. Love your comments! 🙂 I hate the shelduck is gone. Perhaps someone will buy one to replace the lost one.

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