Textures in the woods


Moss growing on a dead log in the water.


Cypress knees growing in the swamp. These are really just roots from the nearby cypress trees that grow out of the ground helping the tree survive in the swamp.


Mushrooms growing on a log.




Fern shadows on the moss growing on the cypress knees.


The swamp was full of spider webs.


Purple flowers growing in the nearby butterfly garden.


Out on the lake.


Where alligators hide.

I was a glutton for punishment. In the middle of August I went on a walk at Chesnut Park on the boardwalks that run through the swamp. I sprayed a coat of Off on in the parking lot and within 10 minutes I had 4 mosquito bites so I had to respray. I was hoping to see any kind of animal but I saw only spiders. I didn’t even see the deer that morning. They were probably hiding out in someone’s pool. I got a good walk in but all I saw was above. After walking for 2 hours, I headed home, had lunch and drank another gallon of water. Then it was a long nap for me.

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