More baby skimmers











Yes, more baby skimmer pictures. I went back to the beach in mid-July to see how grown the babies were after my first trip 3 weeks earlier. The babies in the pictures I posted last week were almost grown up. They weren’t quite flying yet but they were trying hard. They were skipping around and getting off the ground a little. There were also still many more babies just born. I got there around 6pm after work and stayed until after 7:30. Dark clouds were rolling in so most of the babies were settling in for the night. I did get a few of the older babies that I’ll post later.

Linking to Saturday’s Critters

6 thoughts on “More baby skimmers

  1. Ow wow, these are just awesome photos.. What a cute sighting.. The chicks are adorable. Thank you for linking up to my critter party, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Such cute and audacious babies, they look like they want to take over. So adorable. I like the mother’s expression sitting there guarding her babies. The bigger ones trying to fly must be a riot to watch.

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