Birds at the ballpark


Yes, I took this right into the sun in the middle of the day! I stopped by the ballpark near my neighborhood to see if these baby osprey were all grown up. The lights around the football and baseball fields are full of osprey nests. These two still have spots on their wings and orange eyes but they will be leaving soon. They were not yelling at me. They are used to being surrounded by people at the park. They were yelling at the below.


Underneath the osprey nest, monk parakeets have built a nest.They are constantly buzzing around the osprey nest. I think they do it to torture them. Maybe the parakeets know the osprey only eats fish, not little green parrots.


Someone was peaking out at me from high above.


Another was hanging upside down.


The big flock was constantly moving around. Flying into trees and back to the lights. It was hard to keep up with them. I found a few that were still for a few minutes in the trees.


They are cute but so loud. I guess the parents who sit there for hours and watch their kids play ball are used to the screaming from the birds.


Getting some sun.


Mom is on the left, babysitting the two crazy kids on the right.


What is this little bird on the light post?


I realized there were juvenile loggerhead shrikes in the trees and one had landed on the post.


They looked so young.


I think this one was yelling for his Mom to come feed him.

I only planned to stop by the ballpark for a few minutes. I finally left an hour later and it was way past lunchtime. I started following the parakeets around the park and realized they don’t sit still for a second. They were going from tree to light post to another tree and so on. I was heading back to my car when I saw the shrikes in a tree and stopped and watched them for a while hoping a parent would show up with a meal. After a while, I was getting hungry and tons of people were pouring into the park so it was time to head home.

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7 thoughts on “Birds at the ballpark

  1. All the bird photos are wonderful, I’m intrigued by the Monk parakeets so I looked them up on google and there are supposed to be some in a rather isolated nearby area, and also at a park in Seattle, maybe I can see some sometime. They look like a fun bunch!

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