A few eagle sightings over the years – Skywatch Friday


My first up close eagle sighting. I had seen them from far away at Honeymoon Island. I stopped at a cemetery thinking I probably wouldn’t see anything and this is what I saw. This was early December 2010.


February 2012, I was walking down Alligator Alley trail at Circle B Bar Reserve and saw the above staring at me from behind the moss.


November 2013, this juvenile eagle flew right over my head. Maybe he was born earlier that spring.

DSC_5866 - Copy

October, 2012, an eagle flies by right on a busy road in the Tampa Bay area.


Spring 2014, a parent lands near the nest.


He didn’t stay long. Took off again to look for food before dark.


Spring 2014, a baby showing off for his parent.

A permanently injured resident at Homosassa Springs Park.


Happy 4th of July! I’m outta here.

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4 thoughts on “A few eagle sightings over the years – Skywatch Friday

  1. What a perfectly amazing post especially for the 4th. (wish I’d thought of it ;>)…though even here i n Alaska where we see lots of them my pictures aren’t nearly as good. But you would have guessed that! Happy Holiday Weekend. Enjoy!!!

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