Four legged tourists at the beach.


“It’s hard to swim with your mouth full!”


“Do I look tanner?”


“Mom, can you get this sand off my nose?”




“Last one out is a rotten egg.”


“I’m really am having fun.”


“Mom, hold me up.”


“I must be really short.”


“I’m going to look like a raisin if I don’t get out of the water.”


“Let’s go home.”


It’s not just humans that have fun at the beach. Fort Desoto Park has a beach section for the dogs. I haven’t spent a lot of time at dog beach. Mostly because there aren’t a lot of birds there. In late May, there wasn’t a lot of birds around and it was a beautiful morning so I walked down to the dog beach. It was fun watching all of the dogs have fun. Some were resting and staying close to their owner’s beach chairs. Some were running around crazy and playing. Most were well-behaved but there was a small spat between two dogs that got stopped quickly. I’m allergic to dogs, otherwise I’d have a house full of them. I might just have to borrow one for a day at the beach.

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8 thoughts on “Four legged tourists at the beach.

  1. Dogs do know how to have fun at the beach. I remember hosing off our dog when we got home, but when he dried there was still enough sand on the floor to start a sandbox!

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