Alligators do have personalities.


Big one near the boardwalk.


When the gator bellows, the water around his stomach vibrates.


Big and beautiful.


“Lady, can you come down and get this leaf off my head?”


Another one bellowing.


Not sure what’s going on. Is this an offspring on the top?


“Lady, can you get this thing off my back?”



They look like they are smiling at me.


“Bye, bye”.

I go to Gatorland to visit the wild bird rookery there. Egrets and herons build nests in the mangroves along the boardwalk over the alligator lake. The alligators keep away the snakes and raccoons that can get to the eggs so for some freak of nature some birds know this and raise their families here. It was a perfect cool morning and mating season for gators was cranking up. Around 9am, the alligators started waking up and bellowing. It sounds like a loud moan. They all start doing it back and forth. It can be creepy to hear. At least I know I’m  on a raised boardwalk.

7 thoughts on “Alligators do have personalities.

  1. “Loud moaning” describes the gator sound perfectly, and the vibrating water makes me laugh. All in all, however, if I had my druthers, I’druther have a baby egret than an alligator.
    Great photos as always, Dina.

  2. I love this post so much.. Makes me homesick. Wonderful pictures and your words, while funny, in all seriousness describe these fascinating creatures beautifully…. they do have personalities (which include being very protective parents, so nesting season can be fraught with danger!) We learned that years ago on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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