Babies at the zoo


Cutest little spider monkey!


No babies yet but they sure looked like a couple.


Not a baby but what a cute face.


One of the baby elephants hiding in Mom’s shade.


One of the many baby mallard families.


This family was being babysat by a goose. The baby mallards stayed close to the goose even though mom was close by.


Trying to climb up into the spider monkey exhibit.


Soaking wet.

baby duck

Baby duck practicing his flaps.


Wild little blue herons on the nests over the alligator exhibit.


Just a few days old, this baby blue heron was hiding under the bushes. Just like at Gatorland, the wild birds build nests over the alligator exhibit at the zoo.


Another young one. You can see his ear hole and his pin feathers.


This one was hiding under mom.


This one was a little older and screaming his head off.


I only saw one tricolored heron baby and he was deep in the bushes.


These are baby marabou storks. They must have been over a month old. They were sleeping both times I walked by.


A spoonbill was close by in the trees. I didn’t see another one there that day. I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have a spoonbill nest this spring. We’ve had babies the last 2 years. It’s still early though.

Yes, I went right in the middle of the day to the Lowry Park zoo. It was warm and the sun was high up but I had an hour to kill in between errands so I stopped in to see how the wild bird nesting was going over the alligator exhibit. Only a few little blue heron nests. The great egrets nest high up in the trees and those babies are all grown up now. I’ll check back again to see if we get lucky with any spoonbill babies.

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5 thoughts on “Babies at the zoo

  1. HI Dina What a special post with all the babies from different critters. I love the Spider Monkey and the Herons and although at present they are not so beautiful as adults, it is wonderful to see them when they are so young. Your shots are tremendous. Did you follow me across the bridge today? Were you brave enough? Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Dina, what a great collection of babies..The heron chicks are my favorite.. Awesome photos.
    Thank you for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I always wonder why the birds are nesting above the alligators. I can’t help thinking about baby herons being eaten by alligators, but I guess falling out of a tree onto the ground would be just as painful.
    Just wondering.
    Meanwhile, I love the photos, especially the baby duck doing his flaps.

  4. Your baby and bird photos are wonderful. The expressions on the baby duck faces are so happy and confident looking, I guess they kind of have smiles painted on. The heron babies are a contrast looking peevish and demanding. So funny.

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