Last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve – Skywatch Friday


What is this tricolored heron looking at?


Turkey vulture upclose. They were everywhere at the park.


The trail was full of these queen anne’s lace plants.


The marsh was full of these purple plants. Not sure what they are.


Only a few butterflies out this morning.


A soft shell turtle heading back into the reeds. He was pretty big.


The usual but this was the only one I saw this morning.


A perfect day at Circle B Bar Reserve.

I made my last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland in mid-May until late fall. It was a beautiful cool morning so the walk was great. But not a lot of animals. No sign of bobcats, otters, snakes and very few birds. I didn’t get to see either sandhill crane family although I know they are there somewhere. It’s that time of the year when babies are grown up, winter ducks and birds are gone and it going to be too hot to be inland. The trail was extremely overgrown already so it’s hard to see down into the marshes. I could hear the alligators bellowing really loud right off the trail but I couldn’t see them. It was a little creepy. Soon it will be time to head to the beach to look for shorebirds.

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9 thoughts on “Last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve – Skywatch Friday

  1. Oh gosh your title scared me a little. You mean your last trip of the season, I see that now. But for a minute I was imagining all kinds of terrible scenarios. You caught some good pictures on this outing~

  2. Nice spot on the soft-shelled turtle. Love your close-ups on these birds. Now that the heat is here, I am melting and not leaving my house anytime soon. I dislike being trapped inside my house, but the temps are around 110 degrees! Not much fun at all.

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