Perfect day at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


Ruddy turnstones are starting to get their summer colors in.


It looks like this pelican has a handout. Unless he knows how to filet a fish?


All lined up, waiting for someone to drop some bait fish.


Rush hour traffic on the water. A perfect sunny windy day. Lots of boats out.


Hanging out.


Great blue heron up high on the pole.


Most of the snowy egrets around the pier were sporting their summer breeding pink feathers around their beak.


My first frigatebird sighting of the summer.


Flowers were blooming all over the park.

This was one of the first sunny warm days we had this season.  The fishing pier was crowded early that morning. When I left after lunch, the line to get in the park was really long. Beach season has officially opened. Which means I need to be at the park before 8am and out before lunch until next winter. Too many people around.

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13 thoughts on “Perfect day at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday

  1. Hi Dina, I came across your site through Skywatch Friday and I have been enjoying your bird photos. The Ruddy Turnstone is on my to see list, but they only come to the south of Africa in summer. They are not common and I know where they usually go so will plan a trip in next summer to see them.

  2. Beautiful .. early morning is probably the best time of day for pictures anyway and not so hot either. The beaches in Florida even in mid-winter always seem crowded to me… here on the Pacific Coast we know where to find the quiet ones (and none of them here are as busy anyway, because it is not that hot — almost nobody lays out to tan (even in mid-summer).

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