Quiet morning walk in early April – Skywatch Friday


A peak down the “closed” trail. Marsh Rabbit Run trail is closed for the summer due to alligator mating season.


American bittern sneaking up on a frog (or snake).


Osprey taking off with a clump of tree moss. You would have thought he was working on a nest but he looked like he was trying to eat it. I guess he realized it wasn’t a fish after all.


All the way across the lake, the happy couple takes in the view.


Baby moorhens are starting to pop up everywhere.


Green on green. Dragonflies are becoming more abundant.


They were all over the trails.


Very tiny bug.


This turtle looks like he’s trying to swim out of water.


The above weeds(?) were everywhere.

Circle B Bar Reserve is starting to quiet down since most of the winter birds have left. Now it’s full of alligators, great egrets and great blue herons. The highlight of the trip was the baby hawks and the new sandhill crane family. More on those later. And soon the mosquitos will take over the park and I’ll be heading to the beaches for my Saturday morning walks.

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5 thoughts on “Quiet morning walk in early April – Skywatch Friday

  1. Great post! I especially love the eagles! Never seen 2 so close together like that. I love visiting your blog…always such great photos.

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