Baby hawks at Circle B Bar Reserve


I saw the adult up in a tree and knew I was close by the nest.


The babies were being very quiet. Thanks to Gary for pointing out the nest. At first I just saw one baby. Is that a worm in his mouth?


Then he starts yelling. Is he yelling at me?


Is he doing his “Crouching tiger, hidden hawk” imitation?


He sees Mom flying in.


Mom dropped off a snack and left.I think the babies are big enough now to feed themselves if they have food.


Big brother finally gets up and hogs the snack.


“Hey there buddy, get your bottom out of my face.”


Little junior starts flapping his wings.


Both siblings having a quiet moment on the nest.


Not for long as little junior starts screaming again.

This nest was on the main trail and across a wide ditch. It was fairly visible if the babies were sitting up. I think on my first pass down the trail, they must have both been sleeping. On my way back, I saw the parent and knew I was close. Little junior popped up and started yelling for Mom. This was mid-April and they were growing up fast. I have since seen pictures of them almost fully grown and heard they were already starting to branch out after these were taken. Those squirrels and snakes better look out. These two look like trouble.

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