Hungry baby great egrets


“Mom, when are we going to eat breakfast?”


“No really Mom, I’m hungry. When is Dad coming back with fish?”


“Don’t ignore me, Mom.”


“I’m going to start having a flapping fit if we don’t eat soon.”


“I’ll just eat your tail feathers.”


“Yuk, this doesn’t taste good.”


“What is that big long scaly thing swimming around?”

Mornings at the bird rookery at Gatorland are busy with birds getting breakfast for the little ones.  I kept an eye on this nest for a while. It wasn’t until late in the morning that the other parent brought in food and they were fed quickly. There was a big crowd over there so I missed the feeding shots. I did get some of another nest so those will be coming soon. It’s fun watching the little ones checking mom and each other out. They seem so curious. But they grow up fast. This family will be fully grown by my next visit which is hopefully mid to late May.

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13 thoughts on “Hungry baby great egrets

  1. Beautiful photos, I appreciate them since I don’t have the opportunity to photograph birds, and I love egrets. The chicks are so funny, their eyes are open so wide and the feathers on top of their head are so unruly, like a punk rocker or something. Their armpits are funny, so pink and vulnerable.

  2. My goodness, you caught some wonderful action and the captions were perfect 🙂 I really enjoyed seeing your city wildlife. We have blue herons here but their nests are too high to catch the details in their life. As for egrets, I’ve never been fortunate enough to see one but this was a great substitute 🙂

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