On the beach in early April.


It’s always fun watching a skimmer taking a bath.


Splashing around like a kid in a bathtub.


“Clean your underarms” I told him.


Face in the water.


All done.


That’s a little too close.


Royal terns are showing up on the beach with their summer hat on. During breeding season the top of their head is all black. During winter, they have mostly white on their head with a little gray on the sides.


Willet shaking it off.


Marbled godwit digging for snacks.


I think these are dunlins in non-breeding feathers.


Oystercatcher taking a nap. It’s amazing how they can sleep on one foot. I couldn’t sleep on one foot much less standing up.

Just a few birds I found out on the beach in early April when I was waiting for the baby owl to decide whether he wanted to fly or not. I know people stand there for hours waiting for “that” shot but I have to get out and walk around.

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