Windy morning at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


The usual pelican fly by.


“What, I can’t hear you.” says the cormorant.


A sad but usual sight at the pier. There were a few people standing around discussing what to do about trying to rescue him when he took off flying across the bay. They might have been able to entice him with bait fish and use a net.


Grumpy face did not seem to like the wind.


“I can’t hear you either.” says the snowy egret.


Off to the great blue yonder!


Rush hour on the bay.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning but so windy it was hard to stand up. Sand was blowing, garbage was flying around and the birds were not going anywhere. Fort Desoto was deserted. Where do all of the birds go when it’s that windy? I guess inland to get out of the sea wind. I didn’t stay long. I was afraid sand was getting into everything, even on the fishing pier.

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6 thoughts on “Windy morning at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday

  1. exceptional photography, the light is just amazing. Real shame about the Cormorant and fishing line, its a big bird so maybe able to live with it. I hope so.

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