On the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve


I always say I’m not going to take any more pictures of blue-gray gnatcatchers. But they are so cute and this one posed for just a second.


Snowy egret standing next to the moss. He was screaming “Doesn’t this look like a Florida picture?”


The nest motel tree in the middle of the lake. The great blue heron on the right was bringing sticks to the one on the left. They were working on a nest. There were also cormorants sitting on nests in the same tree on the other side.


Why do the little birds always bother the big birds? This hawk was sitting there minding his own business and the black bird started to dive bomb him.


One of the sandhill crane couples walking through the marsh. I have since heard they were on a nest.


This great egret is just starting to get his green breeding feathers around his beak.


This male anhinga is also starting to get his breeding colors around his face.


Soon the eastern phoebes will be heading north for the summer. I’m going to miss seeing them around the intersection of Marsh Rabbit Run trail and Heron Hideout trail.


What a life these guys have. Sleeping the afternoon away in the sun.


The caterpillars were out.

A Saturday morning walk around Circle B Bar Reserve in late February.

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9 thoughts on “On the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. I agree with Sallie. Seriously jealous. I love the little gnatcatcher. Please don’t stop featuring them. And the snowy egret was definitely posing, no doubt about that. Plus more than one species in the “motel tree” is fabulous! Wow!
    If I were a great egret, I’d be impressed by those green face-feathers, and the anhinga’s eye makeup is astounding.
    Love the little phoebe, too. I’m a sucker for small birds.
    As for why smaller birds taunt bigger birds, I think it’s just because they can. They are usually faster and can maneuver in and out without putting themselves in too much danger, like little boys taunting bigger boys who aren’t likely to hurt them.

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