Excuse me, are you Mr. Ed?

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While I’m waiting for the eagle babies to wake up from their nap, I was watching the horses at the farms around the nest. I need to take the time to go horseback riding some day. I used to go many years ago.  One of the farms near the nest has horses that you can ride. They do group trail rides. I wonder if I can take all of my camera equipment with me? It was fun to watch one of the horses come out of the barn and lay down and take a dirt bath. I felt like I had taken a dirt bath after standing there for an hour.  Some of the horses were beautiful. The one with the stripes was pretty funny. He looks like a zebra hybrid.

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6 thoughts on “Excuse me, are you Mr. Ed?

  1. I never knew horses took dirt baths I tought they had to stand all the time. Live and learn. I wish I could take pictures that well. Again thank you they are beautiful.

  2. The horse looked to be enjoying the dust bath. Pretty horses and great shots. Thank you for linking up with Saturday’s Critters.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. A zebra hybrid … ya think? I once saw a zebra pregnant with a donkey baby, but never got to see how he looked when he arrived. This is awesome and almost beautiful. I never quite understood a dirt bath … but it must be a good thing because all the animals seem to do it. Fun watching while you wait … and you should go horse back riding. It would be fun 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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