In the warm water at Homosassa Springs Park.


This is one of the main “swim with the manatees” areas. We were standing on the dock at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park watching all of the people floating around. It got very crowded as the morning went on. There are “manatee monitors” that make sure people don’t bother or chase after the manatees. If they swim up on their own, you can pet them.


Manatees were sleeping right along the bridge.


A young one coming up for air, looking right at us.


The lone hippo at the park.


The river otters were so much fun to watch swimming around.


Looks like he thinks those lost sunglasses are a toy.


Checking us out.


There’s an underwater viewing area at the park. They are very curious.  Pam and I were the only ones there that early in the morning and they all swam over to check us out. The above and below were taken with my iphone up against the dirty glass.


“Gimmi a kiss lady!”

It turned out to be a fun morning, even though it was foggy when we first got to Homosassa Spring Wildlife Park. The sun didn’t really come out until right before we left, close to lunch time. The water around the park was full of manatees. When the water around the Tampa Bay area gets cold, the manatees on the gulf side head to the springs since the water there stays warmer in the winter. It looked like there were hundreds of them there. The otters were crazy active while we were there, barely stopping for a minute. I might have to road trip up there again this spring before the summer heat sets in.

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7 thoughts on “In the warm water at Homosassa Springs Park.

  1. I just love the manatees! They have the cutest faces.. The river otters are wonderful too. Wonderful critters and photos! Thanks for linking up with Saturday’s Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  2. How neat! We stopped at Homossasa on our way to here the first year we came to Florida, all excited to see everything but it poured down rain the whole time we were there (3 full days), so we didn’t see much. Must. go. back.

  3. Great shots, you really did have a wonderful morning, and the water was so clear. We swam with the Manatees up at Crystal River, but the water wasn’t as clear as we expected, however the Manatees came to play with us, this was last March, thanks for the memories.
    All the best Gordon.

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