A new park for me


I found a sleepy yellow crowned night heron snoozing in a tree along the boardwalk. He was sleeping right next to an empty nest. Hopefully, he’s planning to use it soon. He was looking pretty grumpy.


Yes, another blue-gray gnatcatcher.


Female red-winged blackbird in the bush.


Another one on the ground along the boardwalk.


Yellow rumped warbler posing for me. Why are these the only ones that like to show off?


Pretty green feathers on the male mallard. Mating season has begun.


I found this lone female hooded merganser hanging out with a mallard couple. She was asleep on my first lap around the park. She was just floating along the creek.


On my 2nd lap around the park, she was awake and watching me.


She started to dive for food and did not seem to care if I was around.

I’ve been by the golf driving range in Largo a million times. I did not realize there was a park behind it. It’s a small park but has a nice layout. On one side is the driving range. Another side has a small creek with a golf course across from it. The third side is the same creek around the bend with houses across from it. There are several paved paths and a nice boardwalk around a very small pond. It was cold the morning I headed over. Practically freezing here at a chilly 48 degrees! But, the sun was out and it warmed up fast. I had heard there were cedar waxwings hanging around the park. I saw them there but they were far away on the other side of the creek into the sun. I walked two laps around the park and saw them later fly overhead. Off into the yonder. Oh well, I’ll try to head over there again before they leave for spring.

5 thoughts on “A new park for me

  1. HI Dina Great to have discovered a new path and you got great shots of the Waterfowl and other birds. Perhaps you will seeWaxwings the next time. We had none here this year.

  2. You find the best birding places. And the best birds. And take the best bird pictures. Can you tell I’m jealous? (Not really, I really appreciate your sharing … and I always hope I can get to the places you find someday. And see the birds. (Getting pictures as good as you do is an impossible dream.)

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