Backyard in January


The kingfisher was 7 houses down sitting on a sailboat mast.


Ibis on the dock at the same house.


Great blue heron preening on my neighbor’s dock. He’s been coming around a lot lately.


I call him Grumpy face.


I walked out on my dock one afternoon and scared the hooded mergansers. I didn’t realize they were floating around next to it.


He’s looking back at me like “Why did you come outside?”


They were heading down the channel, keeping an eye on me.


Sitting on my neighbor’s dock post, the kingfisher was showing off his snack. I know he can see me through the bedroom window.

Just a few visitors to our corner of the world during January.

Linking up Saturday’s Critters 

4 thoughts on “Backyard in January

  1. Dina, you have some wonderful birds in backyard. Love the kingfisher, heron and the Mergansers.. Thank you for linking up to my critter party, have a happy weekend!

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